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*Disclaimer: Please see newsletter for seasonal closure notice!*

Full service seasonal and short-term RV sites now available for the 2023 season. 

Please call or text 705-346-4006 or email us at [email protected]​


Lorimer Lake Resort

Lorimer Lake is primarily a cottage lake. It is known for its clean fresh water and great fishing. It is a long and narrow lake and reaches depths of over 80 feet. There are many shallow and weedy bays that provide good cover for largemouth bass and northern pike. There are a series of islands that dot the lake from one end to the other. Fish holding structures such as narrows, point rock piles, rubble shorelines, shoals and steep drop-offs can also be found throughout the lake.

Lorimer Lake also connects to Grey Owl Lake through Still Creek. Grey Owl Lake is a smaller shallower lake.

Check out what our celebrity guest Karl Kalonka had to say about Lorimer Lake Resort.

LAKE TROUT SEASON is open all year on Lorimer Lake.